Staff Assignments

Staff Assignments

RoomChecker Guide

Performance Scoring

Your housekeeping manager can score how well items were cleaned but first you will need to set this up on our website.

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On the website go to Scoring under customizations and setup the color thresholds. This will color code results. For example anything above 90% and equal to 100% would be green.

The next step on the website is to setup the items that you want to be able to score, this can be done on the items screen under customizations. Find the item that you want to be able to score and click edit. On the edit screen check the box ‘Use for Score’ and also enter the maximum score and after you are done click submit to be able to score the performance for that item.

When you are done, anytime a user opens the inspection/item list on the app they will be able to score individual items. Scoring on the app is done by touching the score and then entering a number between 0 and the maximum score such as 0/10 or 10/10.

After the inspection is completed and submitted, the scores collected will show up on the website scoring reports.

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