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qMetrix Group, Inc. has been designing, developing and hosting software applications for more than a decade. We can support your mobile and web app requirements.

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Quality Improvement

Quality improvement is the first objective for all of our applications. The qMetrix integrated applications enable customers to collect quality data in an efficient, timely manner. Immediate feedback , notifications and performance reporting provide staff with avenues to improve processes in real-time.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications offer flexibility during data collection. Inspections can be done on-site, eliminating the need for mounds of paperwork and data entry after written data is collected. The apps also allow for real-time reporting and issue notifications. RoomChecker is now available and qMetrix also provides custom apps for our customers.

Electronic Data Collection

qMetrix offers solutions to increase efficiency and accuracy of data collection by reducing repetitive data entry and eliminating many redundant data collection tasks. Available electronic data is integrated into the qMetrix database and used in reporting. We offer engineering support for these integration efforts. qMetrix also provides IT services to customers needing to outsource these tasks.

Secure, Web-Based Applications

Applications all have a secure, web-based component. These applications are available 24/7 from any device with Internet access. Tablets can be used to access these apps, giving users additional flexibility to gather and review data from many locations. This flexibility adds another layer of efficiency to the qMetrix processes.

Real-Time Performance Reporting

Real-time reporting is the key to the qMetrix approach to quality improvement. Data integrated from electronic sources and entered into the qMetrix databases are all assembled into performance and trend reporting. These reports are available on our web-based applications and have drill-down capabilities.