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Molecular Diagnostics for Pathogen Detection

Make informed medical decisions quickly with results for a broad range of pathogens and antibiotic resistance in 24 hours.

• Tests identify genetic variations that signal the presence of pathogens resistant to antibiotics.
• Genetic variations are defense mechanisms that can cause drugs to be ineffective and are easily passed to other pathogens.
• We identify the best lab to use and consolidate your lab services.
• Better for you and your patients

From Our Partner Lab

Home COVID-19 Saliva Test

PCR Results - nearly 100% Accurate

We have worked with this partner lab for years. They have made COVID-19 testing reliable, simple and affordable.

Register and download the app. Then just order the test. If your test request is submitted before 4pm Pacific Time, you will receive everything you need at your home the following day.

When you are ready to collect the saliva sample, follow the instructions, step-by-step on the mobile app with no pain or discomfort.

Drop the return package iwth your sample at any UPS location and it will be shipped back to the lab with overnight service.

You will have the ressult on the mobile app within 48 hours after the sample is received at the lab.

Fast results...Reliable results...Peace of mind...From the comfort of your home.