Quality Improvement Solutions

  • TURN-KEY PROGRAM Comprehensive product offering including prepackaged medications, dispensing cartridges, web-based dispensing program, in-office marketing and much more...
  • COST SAVINGS/REVENUE ENHANCEMENT This program requires no contract pharmacy or on-site pharmacist, thus reducing your overhead costs and eliminating the customer per-bottle dispensing fee charged by contract pharmacies.
  • INCREASE THERAPY COMPLIANCE Patients can have immediate access to their medications at the point-of-care, increasing therapy compliance while saving time and money.
  • PRODUCT AVAILABILITY Over 2,500 generic, brand name and OTC medications, injectables, creams, ointments, liquids and suspensions
  • DISPENSING SOFTWARE Inventory management, detailed record keeping, patient advisory leaflets (PAL), drug utilization review (DUR), controlled substance reporting (PDMP) and much more
  • FREE eDispense Subscription Complimentary access to PedigreeRx dispensing software, and free prescription pedigree.

Dispensing Overview

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Select the provider, patient and medication

Remove bottle, stored in the convenient dispensing cartridge

Scan the bar-code on the medication bottle, which is verified against real-time inventory

Print medication label and patient education sheet, available in English or Spanish

Apply patient-specific label and dispense


Customer Service
  • 24 hour access to live service
  • 24 hour online ordering
Product Availability
  • Over 2,500 SKU’s in stock including CIII – CV
Program Depth
  • FDA compliant packaging, customized workflow and more
  • Near 0% backorder rate
  • Electronic Pedigree standard
  • User friendly, HIPPA compliant web based application
  • Controlled substance reporting (PDMP)
  • Extensive QA/QC and cGMP process
  • NABP/VAWD certified production facility
  • Transparent pricing model
  • Market competitive pricing
Knowledge & Experience
  • Over 100 years of industry expertise
  • Forward thinking management
  • Creative and value driven innovations
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