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Completely Customizable, what does that mean?

From: Robin Mangold

I have been asked a lot of questions about customizing RoomChecker. Some ask:
  • If customization includes the number of rooms?
  • Can numbers or names of rooms be changed?
  • Can room types be setup?
  • Can items in the rooms be changed?
  • Can public areas be inspected?

The answer to all of these questions is yes, it can all be changed to match the needs of any location.

Just a few examples:
  • You can inspect any number of rooms from 1 to 3000+.
  • RoomChecker can be used to check hotel rooms with any numbers or names. 100-130, 3000-3020, 10230, Executive Suite, The Blue Room, 1st floor bathroom, or Ballroom A.
  • Room types can be set differently for different locations. Set the room type and then add the items to be inspected for that type of room.

These are just a few of the examples. We help all our customers setup the RoomChecker options to meet their needs. The app is unique and flexible. I’m also always hearing about how easy it is to use the app.

I guess the moral of this story is, if you want to change something there is probably a way to do it.

Happy holidays!

RoomChecker Version 3.0

From: Robin Mangold, qMetrix Group

It is here. RoomChecker 3.0, mobile room inspections. The app is everything I hoped for and more. We have build the app around complete customization. Each location or company can specify what they want their inspections to be. I knew this would open the app up to more than just hospitality and hotels but I am surprised that our users are already finding even more applications.

For example, I never realized just how many lost and found items hotels managed each week. To think of the dozens upon dozens of items that are found after guests leave makes my head spin. Or maybe that’s just the allergies. We have multiple hotels now beginning to keep track of the lost items on RoomChecker.

It has only been a week with RC 3.0. It will be fun to see how this app can be used in different facilities. Can you think of other uses for the RoomChecker app?

Reduced Pricing

From: Robin Mangold, Principal

We are very excited about our RoomChecker app Version 3 that will be available this summer. This new version will incorporate comments and suggestions we have received from hotels that have used the app.

Most notability the new version will be applicable to hotels, hospitals, dormitories and any facility needing to document room inspections and track issues. In order to accommodate all of these different types of facilities we have made the app completely customizable. Customers will be able to define all entry fields. Some of these fields include room types, room names, issues list and priority levels.

The app will provide trending and detail reports for the custom data points. These inspections and reports will be available via internet browser, smartphones and tablets. You will be able to use this app on any device you currently have so there will be no need to purchase hardware.

We will have more details in the coming weeks. So, keep an eye on our site or sign up for our newsletter to receive all this information when it is available.

Please check out our reduced pricing offer and start benefiting from the app today!

Android Support

From: Robin Mangold, Principal

Since the RoomChecker coverage in Lodging Magazine our trial registrations have soared. As hotels have participated in the trial we have welcomed input and suggestions. A common question we have received from participant is about supporting other platforms.

Some of the feedback has been requests to add an Android mobile app. I want to let everyone know we have already started working on this app. Android will be supported and we will announce the launch of the app on this blog.

Keep a lookout for news about all our upcoming activities.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to contact us!