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RoomChecker Version 3.0

From: Robin Mangold, qMetrix Group

It is here. RoomChecker 3.0, mobile room inspections. The app is everything I hoped for and more. We have build the app around complete customization. Each location or company can specify what they want their inspections to be. I knew this would open the app up to more than just hospitality and hotels but I am surprised that our users are already finding even more applications.

For example, I never realized just how many lost and found items hotels managed each week. To think of the dozens upon dozens of items that are found after guests leave makes my head spin. Or maybe that’s just the allergies. We have multiple hotels now beginning to keep track of the lost items on RoomChecker.

It has only been a week with RC 3.0. It will be fun to see how this app can be used in different facilities. Can you think of other uses for the RoomChecker app?
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