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January 2014

Technology Advancement in Hospitality

From: Robin Mangold, Principal

I read today that soon some hotels will give their guests the ability to open the room door with a smartphone. I imagine it will be a while before I will stay in a hotel with this feature. But it got me to thinking, what other technology advancements are we seeing in hotels? On a recent vacation, my husband and I could open our hotel door with a swipe of a wristband. Tablets are being used to check guests in when they arrive and interface with the hotel's property management system. Hotels are utilizing social media to monitor comments and communicate with guests.  

In the larger hotels, I see signs of these technology advancements. But I wonder how the smaller hotels are adapting to the quickly changing technological environment they now face.  

From our discussions with managers in these smaller facilities the desire is there for change but the direction of that change comes from corporate management. This tends to create a disconnect between hotel management and the technology that is being deployed. There is not a complete buy-in from the individual hotel and very little enthusiasm for the enhancements.

When the people using the new app, device or service have a voice during selection, the implementation has a much better chance for success. This is true for both the back office and guest services. Smaller hotels make this approach possible since there are only a few individuals impacted by the change.

What is your experience with deploying new technology in hotels and resorts?

Time to Start

From: Robin Mangold, Principal

I have been looking at doing this for a long time.  qMetrix started designing quality improvement applications in 2007 and since then we have found ourselves in discussions with many different industries.  We started with healthcare, which was close to home for one of our founders since he is a surgeon.  The idea stemmed from a search for a solution to improve the quality of patient care.  Well, there are many people looking for new, innovative solutions for quality improvement challenges.  

We have worked with hospitals, nurses, quality staff, physicians, railroads, paper mills, printers, freight carriers, warehouses, publishers, insurance providers, hotels, resorts and management companies and everyone has common money, actually use data that is being collected and improve.  If we are not improving as a company, hospital, hotel we are not growing.  

This all brought me to the conclusion that we, as a group, have gained a lot of expertise in this subject and we are not done.  Every day we learn something new about some aspect of someone’s business.  So, we should share this information from our professional training and the insights our customers and colleagues are kind enough to pass on to us.  We have started this blog with that intention.  We are excited about our applications and the many other ways we can help people improve quality.  This will be a fantastic year.  Time to start sharing!