Quality Improvement Solutions

Password is not working?

1. Check to make sure there is an account for the email address.
2. Has your 30-day trial or subscription ended?
2. Check to make sure the correct password is being used.
3. Confirm the RoomChecker app is open.
4. If the login still doesn’t work, click on the Forgot Password link and follow the instructions.

Reset password is not working and there is an error?

There will be an error if the password reset has been used more than once without successfully resetting the password.
In this case:
Select forgot password again but only submit the email address once. The process should work correctly.

Why aren't my tags saving?

Press enter after typing the tag into the box. The tag should have a button around it before the room information is saved.

I cannot scroll on the Cleaning Report?

Whether you are logging into the site from a mobile device or PC the tables scroll after they have been accessed. First, double click or tap the table. Then use one finger to scroll left or right and two fingers to scroll up and down.

The inspection status on my mobile device shows complete but I have not started inspecting?

Is the room status set to Vacant? Any vacant rooms are shown to have completed inspections.

Can I copy one location's setup to another?

If the locations are in the same company the setup will be the same for each location.

The staff assignments I entered are gone?

1. Please check to make sure the assignments were not saved to a different date.
2. Display 100 rooms and save changes on the page by selecting the Save button.
3. Each page needs to be saved after changes are entered.

The website loads over and over or there is no content on the website?

Please use Chrome, Firefox or Safari to access the website. If this does not resolve the issue clear the browser history and try accessing the site again.

Why can't I select another location on the dropdown list?

You probably do not have access to all the locations for the company. Contact your account administrator to confirm.

Category and/or items are not appearing on the mobile device?

Confirm categories and items have been selected correctly for the room types.

Android app closes at startup?

Download the app from Google Play or Amazon’s App Store, install and then restart the device.

How do I get a list of maintenance issues?

Select the Cleaning Report on the website or Open Issues on the mobile device and search for maintenance. The list will filter to only open maintenance issues. The report can be printed from the website.

Can't see the website in the browser?

Try opening the site (roomchecker.qmetrixgroup.com) in Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Clean/dirty icon does not change?

Check to make sure the room status options are set correctly.

Icons are not changing status on the mobile device?

1. Try syncing settings, part of the customizations may have been changed.
2. Check the vacant type and that it is performing as needed. To change this to an inspection that hasn’t bee started, uncheck the vacant button on the room status types.
3. Is the device in Offline mode?
4. Is the user logged into more than one device? This can cause the security measures to block the transmissions.
5. Try restarting the device.
6. Is there a problem with the WiFi signal? Try restarting the router.

Changes to the customization names are not saving?

Be sure to press enter after making changes on a line. Then save the changes by clicking save on the bottom of the page.
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