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RoomChecker Testimonials

From John Benefield - Executive Housekeeper, The Hotel at Kirkwood Center

RoomChecker not only makes keeping records much easier and more convenient to use, it is also a 'greener' method of keeping those records, we don’t have a lot of paperwork laying around.

For the price of less than what you would pay an IT person for a week, you get a complete application that can be easily customized to each individual property for the year. This makes it affordable for smaller properties to be able to have access to the same technology as large corporations.

From Celeste Hickey, Owner Liaison for Port Royal Ocean Resort

I am confidently recommending Room Checker qMetrix Group as a solid and reliable company that are experts in their field.

From Dawn Stoltenberg- Rooms Inspector, The Hotel at Kirkwood Center

The RoomChecker app is a great way for us to teach our students. Each room has a checklist that is completed so it is easier for the students to follow the checklist instead of trying to remember everything.

With RoomChecker, housekeeping has moved out of the Stone Age and into the Modern Age with one giant leap.

From Nancy Young RN, Hiawatha Care Center

We use Room Checker to monitor antibiotic use and track infections. The qMetrix group adjusted the application so we can list what type of Infection (wound, UTI, IV etc) and if an x-ray or cultures were done by rooms. We can track present on admit or facility acquired infections.  Printing reports in graph form is a plus. You will find this a great aid in monitoring infections and the staff provide excellent support when needed.

Clean, Inspect, Improve

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