Quality Improvement Solutions

Providing training videos to your staff ensures that everyone gets the same training. Staff can also review training at any time.

qMetrix offers video production services for training, app walk-through, promotional or explainer videos. We will make the process simple and enjoyable.

Video Example

Production Services Offered

Video Scripts

We will take your description of the video content and write a script for you. Each 50 words of completed text is just $15.

Custom Background Music

Background music can be added to your project. You have a choice of royalty free music or we can compose and record custom music written specifically for your video. How cool is that?!

Custom Color and Logo Integration

Provide your logo and company color scheme. The video will look great on your website or social media.

Professional Voice Overs

Choose any style of voice over. Want a woman or young man doing a casual voice over or something more animated. We can meet your needs and provide a voice over you will love.

Mobile App Walk-Through Video

Just provide us with a few screens you want to highlight and access to your app. We can produce a video to walk your customers through the app so it is easier for them to use.

Expedited Delivery

Completed projects are delivered within 14 days of receipt of order and require information. We can provide expedited delivery for an additional fee.

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