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Inventory Management

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Reduce In-Transit Damage

ShipmentChecker provides a series of equipment and product inspections to follow the supply chain as product is moved. The goal of the system is to reduce in-transit damage of product and provide an integrated platform for reporting and sharing damage claims.

System Inspections

Inspections include:
  • Equipment inspection of the railcar or trailer, pre-load and post-unload
  • Shipping inspection of the load
  • Receiving inspection
  • Damage inspection

Automatic Notifications

ShipmentChecker provides automatic notifications of defective equipment and product damage reported. All inspections can be associated with photos or scanned documents to support claims or other inspection detail.

Performance and Trend Reports

Reports are available on the web-based application to assist with root cause analysis. ShipmentChecker also provides inspection and trend reports for individual customers and de-identified data for industry reports.

Mobile App

A mobile app is available for ease of inspection data collection. Complete inspections at the railcar or trailer to eliminate the need for later data entry and loads of paperwork.


"I believe qMetrix adds value to a company. Through its visual email alerts, pre and post shipment inspection and monthly breakdown of occurences these key elements allow you to address any issue immediately." - Bryan Hayden, Production Coordinator, Vertis Communications
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