Quality Improvement Solutions

Improve CMS Compliance

CareChecker provides hospitals with an innovative solution for improving CMS compliance ratings. Value Based Purchasing (VBP) is putting more pressure on staff to improve quality in core measure sets. CareChecker makes this possible by providing EHR data integration, on unit data collection, immediate compliance scoring, patient dashboards and decision support.

Web-based Application

The CareChecker solution is available through a secure web-based application. The application can be accessed from any device with Internet access. This give staff flexibility to collect data unavailable in the EHR on the go making the process more efficient.

Review Ratings

No need to wait months to review compliance ratings. CareChecker immediately scores patient care data as soon as it hits our database. All performance and trend reporting is updated and available in real-time.

Patient Dashboard

Patient dashboards translate CMS scores to ease to interpret icons. Staff can quickly spot treatment areas to address while the patent is still in the hospital.

Measure Sets

Inpatient and outpatient measure sets are supported with over 270 data elements and thousands of scoring rules.

Patient Outcomes

CareChecker will help improve patient outcomes with a a positive change to current processes. Improving quality ratings will help hospitals maximize Medicare/Medicaid payments.

EHR Data and IT Services

The data your staff is entering into your electronic health records can but used to populate measure set data. EHR data can be pulled or pushed to the CareChecker database. Our staff is available to provide IT services if your hospital wishes to outsource those tasks.

All required updates are automatically available on the date the changes go into effect. Staff has access to the most up-to-date measure set requirements as well as help topics that detail the new questions and responses.
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